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    Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik (Senior Astrologer/Vaastu Expert) Dr. Sahib Singh Verma (The Cabinet Minister of India)    
The "National Awardee" - 2002
(For Contribution to Astrology/Vaastu)

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Astrology Vaastu
Astrology / Astrology can be used to understand a person's personality, successes and failures and to forecast how someone will feel or behave over a period of time. It can even be used to plan the best time to do various things. Astrology can be divided into natal astrology and mundane astrology. The term Vaastu is a Sanskrit word which means "Bhu" or the Earth and is the underlying stratum of existence.As per a Vedic Hymn "Vaastu reva Vaastu", all material forms of the Universe are all energies.Vaastu shastra states that every energy has life and nothing in universe is left out without any vibration.Every material in the Universe radiates some energy at its own specific frequencies. This energy may be positive or negative. Positive energy is beneficial and negative is harmful. Vaastu aims at maximising the generation and accumulation of positive energy around the humans and minimise the negative energy.
Numerology Palmistry
Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. You need the birth date of an individual and the complete name as inputs to unlock all of the secrets that the numbers hold. There are nine numbers used in constructing numerology charts. These numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.Each alphabetical letter has been assigned a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. Palmistry is in itself a complete science which can forecast the future of an individual authentically. In the present day modern world, it would be very helpful for a person if his future is known. It would be easier for him to reach his destined destination. For this purpose we need an authentic and reliable science which can tell the complete past and to fore- see.
Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabbiting it.

Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune.

Feng Shui is based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi, or energy. The ancient Chinese believed that the land's energy could either make or break the kingdom, so to speak. The theories of yin and yang, as well as the five feng shui elements, are some of the basic aspects of a feng shui analysis that come from Taoism.
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