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    Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik (Senior Astrologer/Vaastu Expert) Dr. Sahib Singh Verma (The Cabinet Minister of India)    
The "National Awardee" - 2002
(For Contribution to Astrology/Vaastu)
Astrology is a science of planetary positions at the time of birth which lays or forges the unique road of destiny for each human being born on earth. Sometimes the road is smooth at certain points and sometimes bouncy, slushy or accident prone at some other.
The predictions from the Name Rashi can not be relied upon for example the Name Rashi of Rama &

Ravana, Krishna & Kans or John & Jenney are the same but the characteristics & fortune of both are just opposite. The Uses of Astrology What relationship is there between astrology and everyday life in the 20th century? The answer is simple: there is no area in human experience to which astrology cannot be applied. It will also be obvious that there are certain things astrology cannot do: it is not a means of 'foretelling the future' for in the age-old phrase, 'the stars do not compel'. Many people find fear in astrology, because they think astrologers will tell them of specific accidents, disasters or the hour of death.
No serious astrologer would ever say that a client will have an accident or a specific day. What he may say is that at the end of such-and-such time the client may tend to be more accident prone than at others. No astrological forecast may be absolutely precise, nor are the future events it may be describe absolutely inevitable and the same is true of course, in conventional medicine, weather forecasting, or any area concerned with relatively intangible topics. Here are some indications of the areas which astrology can be of special help; of the way astrology 'works' in everyday life.
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Vaastu Shastra has a long History of over 5000 years. Vaastu Shastra is totally based on the Sunrays & the Invisible Effect of these Rays.

The different Colour of the Rays have useful as well as Destructive effect depending upon the direction & varying from Sunrise to Sunset.

Vaastu Shashtra is one of the great Sciences which is related with the five Basic Elements of the Nature , Cosmic Energy & Sun Rays.

Every Structure , Big or Small has a Diety of its own Known as Vaastupurush. Mental Peace is definitely derived if we build our Home or Office as per the norms of Vaastu Shastra.

If Setting of things are according to Vaastu Shastra, the Thoughts, Speech & Action are supported by nature & lead to Health, Wealth , Happiness & Prosperity.