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    Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik (Senior Astrologer/Vaastu Expert) Dr. Sahib Singh Verma (The Cabinet Minister of India)    
The "National Awardee" - 2002
(For Contribution to Astrology/Vaastu)

planetary ages
Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik
The normal human life span can be divided into seven periods form birth to old age and death. These correspond to the seven traditional planets of astrology. Uranus ,Neptune and Pluto are not included.
     The First Age.
The first four years of life are ruled by the moon. The emphasis is on physical growth and development. During this period, the baby is under the care of parents. Hence ,A strong emotional and psychological conditioning is established, that later on influences the individual’s general and emotional outlook and automatic habbit responses. During This period, the individual must submit to the immediate physical environment and the care of those to whom he is entrusted.

     The Second Age.
The second period from five to fourteen, a span of ten years, comes under the rule ship of Mercury. During this period, the individual learn basic practical skills and gains fundamental education and practical knowledge of the physical environment. Skills of communication and rational understanding are developed.

     The Third Age.
The third period, From fifteen to twenty-two, a span of eight years is ruled by Venus. During this period, the sex organs develop and romantic issues become a major concern. Social activities and related emotional issues preoccupy people during this period of their lives.

     The Fourth Age.
The fourth period from age twenty-three to forty-one, a span of nineteen years is ruled by the sun. During this period full maturity vitality and creativity are developed and expressed. Individuals assume a role of responsibility and leadership in their chosen fields. Because of the natural rulership of Leo and the fifth house this period is usually accompanied by the responsibilities of parenthood. It takes approximately nineteen years to raise a child.

     The Fifth Age.
The period from age forty-two to fifty six,a span of fifteen years is ruled by Mars. During this period, people seek power, status and authority. Material ambition reaches its highest peak. This is easily understood in terms of Mars’s exaltation in Capricorn and ruler ship of Scorpio, a sign which has much to do with business affairs. The competitiveness of Aries is also in evidence.

     The Sixth Age.
The sixth age from age fifty seven to sixty-eight, a span of twelve years, is ruled by Jupiter. During this age the status and security that they have achieved enables individuals to become philosophic and reflective Social values and long range cultural issues take on greater interest the individuals’ gain are often shared with the larger community through their support of cultural, educational and religious institutions and activities.

     The Seventh Age.
The seventh age from age sixty-nine until end of life ,is ruled by Saturn . During this period, the forces of crystallization are set in and ultimately results in death. The consequences of this kind of life are that, Karmic enfoldment is closed. Reputation and social standing have reached their final stage and cannot be revoked.
In America, a friend of mine commented that in india people are very much slow -why is it so ? I replied that, we, Indians believe in Rebirth, so there is no hurry in completing our work. If a particular task is not finished in this life, we can finish that in the next birth, so why hurry? We do everything’s relaxingly. You do not believe in rebirth so you have to finish everything in this life, so you rush, and hurry up and remain tense and restless.
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vaastu shastra
Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik

The following are board guidelines which helps to developed living space in according with the vaastu principals.
Main door of the rooms to be fixed in north, east or northeast of the room
Windows may be fixed in eastern side wall so as to allow bright sun shine in to the room.
Wash Basin and Mirror should be in the eastern side of the room.
Floor Trap ,Water Tap to be in the eastern side of the room.
Do not fix murals,God's photo portraits etc.above the door or lintel level.
Total number of doors Windows should be in even number and should not end 10/20 etc.
it is preferable not to use Aluminium door and Windows.
Kennel for pets may be kept in the North west Corner of the building .
Secuirity Cabin may be placed in the North West or south East of the Building .
Colours /Shades of the rooms/building should be in consonance with the persons living in it.

      Living Room
Living and drawing room can be located in northside of the residence.
T.V.,V.C.R.Audio can be located in northside of the residence.
book cabinet,show cases can be located in south and western side wall of the living room.
Telephone may be placed in north or northeast corner of living room.
Sofa seaters can be placed in south and western side of the living room.

     Pooja Room
Pooja room should be located in northeast corner of the residence and have a big Window in north and eastern side wall and    allow bright sun shine in to the pooja room.
The idol or deity's photos may be placed in the east or western side wall and these photos should not be hung down.
Storage cabinet to keep pooja materials can be placed in south and western side wall of the pooja room.
pooja platform can be raised with four pillars.
South and North wall shall be kept empty and deity's photos on these walls shall not be fixed.
pooja room entry door should have double shutters and if brass bells are affixed it should not have tongs.

      Master Bed Room
Master bed room should be located in southwest corner of the residence.
Double bed and single bed should be cater corner to the door and your legs should not face just opposite to the Door.
The bed is to be placed in such a way that while sleeping .the head of the bed is towards south.
Locate your cash and jewel box exactly towards northern side of the bedroom.
T.V. V.C.R.can be placed in South east or North west corner of the bedroom.
Air-conditioner can be placed in west or northeast corner of the bedroom.

      Study Room
Study room Should be located in east or eastern northern or West side of the residence.
it is ideal to place the study table in western side of the studyroom.

Kitchen should be located in southeast of northwest corner of the residence.
The stove and such other appliances are to be placed in north east corner of the kitchen and its should be placed in such a   manner that while cooking the person is facing east.
Water filters may be fitted in eastern northeast or northern northeast of the kitchen.
Refrigerators may be located in the west.
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