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    Prof. Dr. V.P. Malik (Senior Astrologer/Vaastu Expert) Dr. Sahib Singh Verma (The Cabinet Minister of India)    
The "National Awardee" - 2002
(For Contribution to Astrology/Vaastu)

About Me
  • Prof Dr. V.P Malik has been working in the field of astrology since last more than twenty five years.

  • He is Ex.Chief advisor of Sobhagyadeep(Monthly magazine on Astrology,vaastu,palmistry),Ex. Dy. Editorof Shakalya Rashmi(Holistic Rays) A Bi-Monthly magazine on Health and Astrology, Ex. Dy. Editor Astro-visiion (Monthly magazine on Numerology an Astrology.

  • Prof Dr. V.P Malik is very well known internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer, Vaastu expert palmist, Fengshui and numerologist.

  • He had been blessed with sixth sense and intutional powers. All his life He has helped people with Psychic guidance And love for Humanity.

  • He is an expert in dream and mole interpretations. He has worked with many people through-out his life understanding their dreams & sub conscious mind. He has given people the Insight to the answers of all electrical mind waves and pictures of their Dreams.

  • There are more than 1 million astrologers in India and abroad whose livelihood is dependent on making others lives better through astrological means.

  • The basic aim of the Prof Dr. V.P Malik is to promote and standardize astrology and other related sciences like vaastu,palmistry, numerology, Occult Sciences and serve the mankind by utilizing the science and making everyone aware of all the new developments, taking place in this field.

  • He is commonly known as a ‘effective remedy master ‘who with his vast experience assimilates best of all these science to draw solutions to the problem of masses. His expertise is to do “Vaastu corrections without Demolitions”

  • He believes in working towards minimizing the sorrow and maximizing the happiness.

  • "A Good astrologer is next to God, while a bad Astrologer is more poisonous than a cobra."

  • "Unless you don't get astrology in your deep-heart, your words will not come true"